August 26, 2014

Classroom Friendly Sharpener Review :)

Hello sweet friends! I am here to tell you about an AMAZING product for your classroom! 

First let me tell you about my woes with my pencil sharpeners over the last 15 years. We have the old fashioned ones that are screwed onto the wall. You know the ones, straight out of Ralphie’s classroom in A Christmas Story? The barrel would constantly fall off, the kids weren’t strong enough to turn the crank, and  it would eat pencils like a ravenous toothless beaver! Last year, the barrel fell off and was lost. While waiting on line, I spied a friend putting his finger in the hole like a pencil and trying to sharpen it! I had the custodian take it down the very next day!

Then I battled with electric sharpeners. They work ok. Kids love them and like to see just how short they can get their pencil before the motor burns up! Last year, I tripped over the cord, and it crashed to the floor. Never worked again. In prior years I have had to bring it to my dad to dissect it and pull out crayons and the plastic wrapping from cheap pencils. It was just annoying!

Now, my prayers have been answered with this magical gem! The Classroom Friendly Sharpener from  Classroom Friendly Supplies!

My girls need 70 sharpened pencils EACH for the first day of school! Ummm, wow. Ok. And they have to be Ticonderoga. That part I agree with! Nothing is better than a Ticonderoga! So, after a trip to Costco, Office Max, and Walmart I got MOST of the 210 pencils they need! 


I also got some great prize pencils for my own classroom! This is where I really wanted to see if my new sharpener held up! I have a slew of these pencils   clogging up my desk drawers! I HATE THEM! THE KIDS HATE THEM! Everyone knows they never get sharp and they break and they are just plain awful. So, if this little blue machine could turn my stash of pencils into prizes this year, I would do cartwheels! Take a look at this pic! You have seen the good ole el cheapos look like this! Look what my blue machine did!

And here is how this UH-MAZ-ING pencil sharpener works! 

Please note that the pencil remains stable and DOES NOT MOVE at all! The above pic makes the pencil look like it is moving. I wanted to show you where to place your hands.

Cartwheel time!

Have you guessed that I have found the answer to my pencil sharpening prayers? I LOVE this sharpener!
Here are the top reasons why:

1. Sharpens to an excellent precision point
2. Easy to use
3. No batteries, compact, light
4. Can sharpen cheap plastic wrapped pencils
5. Comes in many cool colors (blue, red, green, black, and oh my word, PINK)

Here is a discount code for you to use if you would like to purchase one of your own! This code is good only until 10/18/14.


Click below to get over to the site to pick one out! Free shipping!
I am off to make a name label for my sharpener! I would hate for my new best friend to get lost in school!

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  1. Sounds like the answer to my prayers!