July 15, 2015

Oh Snap...It’s Almost August!

Yikes! It is almost August! Are you ready to gear up for back to school? Well, I’ve got two deals for you today! Click on the pics below to head over to get your deal! 

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July 12, 2015

Pompoms at the Dollar Tree

Look what I found at the Dollar Tree today! Perfect for hanging from my classroom ceiling! I have been wanting to make these for quite some time but didn’t have the patience. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest with the tutorials but just didn’t feel like gathering the supplies, folding, and fluffing. I figure for 50 cents, I can give it a try. Plus, so much easier! I can only hope that they come out looking like the ones in the picture above.

Below is a picture from Pinterest from The First Grade Parade. How cute do those pompoms look in that beautiful classroom?

I know some teachers are not allowed to hang ANYTHING from the ceiling due to fire code. Don’t worry, you can join in the pompom fun! Check out how this talented teacher used pompoms as an accent on this super amazing bulletin board! 

Here are the 4 colors that they had in my Dollar Tree! Where were they in the store? They were in the summer section with the laui stuff. You know, the plastic pineapple cups, the coconut bra, the grass skirts, the plastic leis? In the front of the store where the seasonal stuff is!

And the directions....they look easy enough!

Looks like pretty thick layers to me. The little ribbon tie though seems weak. I may have to reinforce that!

And if the bigs ones were not cute enough - check out the little garland ones! And they have the matching, coordinating colors! Love!

I know I know...you want me to make one to show you! Believe me, I am busting to try it out too! But, I don’t head back to my classroom until September! So, we are both going to have to wait for the big reveal! I do hope that I can get a year out of them at least! Not expecting too much! 

So, if you are in the market for some ceiling pompoms, head on over to your local Dollar Tree to see they have them! I do hope they do! I know how wild goose chases feel! Best of luck in your pompom search! 

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July 3, 2015

Pinterest Pick 3 - JULY

How delicious does this look? What a hit it would be at the next barbecue! At first, I thought the white stuff was feta cheese but it is actually shredded coconut. What a great idea! How cool would it be to bring it in an actually pizza box? Blue ribbon winner!

I think these are a little easier to make as they only require 3 ingredients. It calls for you to melt white chocolate but what about just using white frosting? Kids love it! The pop rocks will surely make for a rockin’ surprise - don’t tell them what they are and watch their reactions! 

Ok so I’m totally getting that plastic cup off the picnic table and doing this this year! Sparklers make me nervous. I had a spark hit my daughter’s foot and she never forgot it! My hubby will have to figure out how to get the hole in the cup. I think he will like that job! 

Check out all the great Pinterest Pick 3 July posts below. See you in August :) 

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