December 29, 2013

New Rhyme Pack

I know I should be taking it easy during this wonderful vacation that we have! But of course I can not rest! I just finished and uploaded a new RHYME PACK to my TpT store! It meets CCSS for kindergarten as rhyming is standard RF.K.2a.  The pack has students identify pictures and then decide if the name of the picture rhymes with the word family sound in the center of the page. It requires no reading and really works on vocabulary. Can the student identify each picture correctly? I've included an answer key for each of the 10 rhyming word families included in the pack.

I had my daughter, Emma (who is in 1st grade and LOVES to help me with my work) test out one of the pages! She was very excited! I loved how she pointed to each picture and named it successfully and then said the name and the word family rhyme to compare them - "mug - ug" "watch-ug".

Emma loved the activity. She thought the pictures were "cute" and could not wait to color the girl in the center! She felt great about herself when she was done! I am going to use these with my firstie as a morning warm up to practice vocabulary and rhyming skills. Here she is below with her finished work!

Emma wants to give you the page she worked on! To get your FREE sample page like Emma's, click on the picture below to download it in google docs!

Thank you to Educasong for the AMAZING clipart!

December 12, 2013

Do you get your students a gift for the holidays? I always wrap a book from Scholastic and attach a candy cane. I have been doing this for many years and it has become a tradition. I always pick the book that is $1. I think that Scholastic knows that teachers go to them for holiday gifts because they always offer a great book for a great price. This year, I got Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini. Super cute and just 45 bonus points each! It is in the December kindergarten brochure!

It took me close to 1 hour to wrap each one. I had my daughter help attach the candy canes. She loves to help me with my school stuff!

I got all my holiday gifts to fit in this tiny bag this year!

I love when I hand the books out. I tell the kiddies to put it under their Christmas tree and open it on the 25th. I know this never happens! Most of them guess in 13 seconds that it is a book and try to peel a corner of the paper or hold it up to the light to try to see through the paper and maybe catch a glimpse of a title!  Thinking about the anticipation that the children have and the fun they have guessing what is under the wrapping paper inspired me to write this little book! I can't wait to have my class read it next week! Here it is for you for F-R-E-E!!! Enjoy!

Do you give your students a holiday gift? If so, what is it? Leave a comment below!

December 7, 2013

Faceebook Frenzy!

Do you know how a Facebook frenzy works? The one for December is on right now and runs until Monday night - now is the time to learn!
Below is the facebook map with the first stop of each loop. Go to that page first and find the FB Frenzy tab in the row of tabs (do you see the sample on the penguin's belly above?). Click on this tab and follow the directions! You will need to like the page to access the freebie and to continue on to your next stop! Have a flash drive ready to save all the amazing and wonderful FREE resources you will scoop up!
I am in the 1st grade math/science loop this month! Below is peek at my freebie! To get it, you need to head over to my facebook page!

December 6, 2013


Check out this great product from Teacher Tam's First Grade Cut and Glue Workbook. All 21 Common Core Standards are addressed. It is the perfect addition to any math program. Currently, we are working on standard 1.AO.6 (Add and Subtract within 20). I thumbed through my workbook from Teacher Tam and pulled out the pages I needed to supplement this specific standard.

My students completed the page below as a do now first thing in the morning.

Page is differentiated! Those that needed it, counted the dots to arrive at an answer. Others solved mentally or visually.

This is a great resource! My kiddos felt awesome upon completing this assignment! You can get this great pack as part of the Year Round Resources for Teachers over at Educents. Over $100 and 900 pages of great products all for $30 with 10% off! Click on the link below to check it out!