February 5, 2016

Currently February!

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So I figure most readers would want to know what school bag I just bought. Here it is! LeSportSac. Don’t ask me if it is a good bag for school. I don’t know. I just wanted it. It was an impulse buy (and it was on sale and what else do you do on a snow day but buy stuff online, obsess that you have too much to do, and play in the snow with your kiddos)?

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February 3, 2016

February Pick 3

It’s time for my favorite link up! February’s Pinterest Pick 3. Check out the great finds I found! Clicking on each picture will lead you to the original site!


How adorable are these gum ball machines? They are so stinkin’ cute. Sadly, I don’t think I could make them! I do not know where to get that round bottle from for the top. My sister who lives on the west coast said they are easy to get. On the east coast, not so much. I think this little project would cost me a lot of money to make for a class of 18. That is A LOT of gum balls! I could make them for my own girls but I don’t let them chew gum. I still think they are precious to look at!

Um, hello, yes, please! I want to eat you up! Cincyshopper has this cool dip paired with chocolate graham crackers! Just 4 ingredients! I can handle that! Marshmallow creme (is that the same as marshmallow fluff? hmmm), cream cheese, cool whip, and cherry pie filling. 

Totally making these for my sweet firsties this year! I just have to find those single packs! Super cute and easy! Thank you My Name is Snickerdoodle!

Check out all the great February ideas linked up below. See you next month for the March link up!

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