March 29, 2014

Spring Cleaning Sale at TpT!

I am having a spring cleaning sale from March 29 - March 31 along with many other fabulous TpT sellers! Be sure to leave feedback for past purchases. Feedback means money off future purchases! 

Below are some of my spring themed products! Just click on the picture or the highlighted text to take you over to TpT. Be sure to grab these goodies at the discounted price :) 

Egg-cellent Alphabet Match Up - perfect for centers!
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Work Work With My Peeps - perfect for 1st and 2nd grade

Rainy Day Alphabet Match Up - Great for PreK

 Color By Ten Frames - Number 1-10 and 11 -20

 Spring Is On Its Way Emergent Readerperfect for guided reading or whole class instruction. Vocabulary cards and colored teacher book are included along with activity book for students!

Thank you for looking! Enjoy the sale!

March 28, 2014

Spring Has Sprung & Games are Fun! Blog Hop!

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by! Are you having fun springing forward with great game ideas?

My FAVORITE game and my students FAVORITE game year after year is KABOOM!  Have you heard of it? I can not take credit for inventing this great game! I found it while viewing great tips from Mr. Smith over at Are you familiar with Teacher Tipster? Mr. Smith is da bomb! He has tons of great ideas and puts them to fun videos. So while looking through his awesome material, I came across the game KABOOM! Here is Mr. Smith detailing the game. I am sure if you spend the time to watch it, you will be watching lots more of his videos!

So, I decided to update my DOUBLES KABOOM game and share it with you! Here's what you need to do in order to get this game up and running in your classroom.

1 - Find a container that your kiddos can reach into but not see into. I like the Clorax wipes container that Mr. Smith suggests.  Just take the paper off and the top off as well.

 2 - Add the cute KABOOM label that I have included in your FREE download! Wrap around container and tape into place.

 3 - Print out the cards that I included in the free download, You may want to laminate for durability.

4 - Put all the cards in to the container and gather some kiddos to play!

5 - Player pulls out 1 card and solves the problem on the card. If they get it wrong, they put it back. If they get it right they keep it!  If they get a KABOOM card, they have to put all their cards back! AHHHH!! Make sure to keep the KABOOM cards that are pulled out stayoff to the side or else the game will never end! 

5. When all the cards are gone, count each players cards up! Whoever has the most cards wins!

Easy peezy! So simple and so much fun! You can practice loads of skills. Please download my freebie to try out this great game in YOUR classroom!


Since I LOVE games! Let's have a great giveaway! Enter below to WIN any ONE product from my store ($5 and under)! Winner's Choice! Giveaway ends when the blog hop ends - March 31st! Don't miss out :)
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Hop on over to Primary Inspiration for another great game idea! Enjoy!

Primary Inspiration

March 14, 2014

The World Outside

How much do you LOVE teaching science? How much do you LOVE watching your students get excited about learning as they approach science with eagerness and anticipation? Yup, that is what I thought, A LOT! In the primary classroom, science is all about the world around us. I start off science in September with a unit on Living vs. Non-Living. A simple enough topic, yet full of lots of vocabulary, and details on how to recognize if something is alive or not. From there, we move onto animals, lots and lots about animals. From characteristics of animals, like the types of coverings, to animals that can be found at the farm and zoo, students are engaged every step of the way! In the spring we focus on life cycles, ocean life, and bugs bugs bugs!  The world outside covers so much! 
Take a look below for some GREAT resources to help you teach the WORLD OUTSIDE!!

Below are some helping titles both fiction and non-fiction all about the WORLD OUTSIDE :)

A catchy and fun tune to help with metamorphosis

A great instructional video

Learning out the world around us is so important and loaded with tons of literacy and math!  Kids are highly engaged just by the topic itself not to mention all the learning that happens!  So some friends and I have teamed up with Educents for an amazing bundle of instant downloads to teach about the world outside!

My product included will surely be loved by your students!  

Animal Coverings was designed to help students sort animals into the type of coverings they had. Of course, we had to remember we ourselves are an animal and that we have a covering too! This product includes a mini book that kindergarteners can follow along it with the teacher while reading. They can circle sight words or the names of animals on each page. First graders can read the text. Also included is a cut and paste sheet for students to sort animals by their coverings and a center activity which has students sort and record.
A picture of the cover of the book!
Here a student is using her finger to track the words!
Glue is always fun!

Someone LOVED coloring in the pictures of the animals!
Finished product!

Here is a child working on the center sort! I love the way she lined up the cards at the top of her paper!

I also have my Living vs.Non-living Resource Pack included! It is one of my best sellers! There are tons of activities for students! A mini book along with a center activity and activity sheets that would work great as classwork or homework! Perfect for the K-1 classroom!

Sorting pictures into "living" and "non-living"

Coloring pictures of living things. Look at those cute cow spots!

Working on the last page of the mini book after reading along with me!
For a limited time it is $10.99 from Educents which is about 70% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to things you love!  

And if you have never purchased from Educents before.. they always have a great deal for your first purchase.  CLICK HERE if you are a first time purchaser to take advantage of a  special offer just for you!   

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below! Have fun teaching everyone!mar everyone!

March 11, 2014

What Does the Leprechaun Say?

Take a look at this adorable bulletin board we made! Isn't it the cutest? We had so much fun making the leprechaun and writing from a leprechaun's point of view! Can you believe we started this yesterday and it is already up in the hallway today? We worked hard!

Here is a closer look at the writing. Many students knew a lot about leprechauns! They remembered that in kindergarten a leprechaun came into their classroom while they weren't there and messed up their classroom! Many children wrote about that! They had some great ideas!

Would you like to know how we made the cute leprechauns? They are not my original idea. They came from pinterest and are linked to this website

Here are my directions for them!

You need a paper plate. Have students paint just along the outside with orange paint. I used acrylic paint and they dried super fast!

After drawing the shape of the hat, my kiddos cut along the line, opened up their work, and poof a hat! The blue thing in the pic is my circle cutter. I got it at Michaels and it is perfect for cutting eyes! You can squeeze it with one hand! I used it to make the yellow eyes! I go around the room and punch out the eyes right on each child's desk! It is the best!

I precut cut the band for the hat as well as the buckle (which is just a black rectangle glued on top of a larger yellow rectangle). Children assembled the pieces and glued the hat onto the plate. We then cut along the outside of the plate with scissors to make the beard have fringe. It was fun to snip all the way around!

Click here for FREE DOWNLOAD of paper above!
How did I get the idea for my bulletin board? From my TpT product - What Did the Leprechaun Say? Emergent reader. You can check it out below!

Click here to link to TpT

March 8, 2014

Teaching Makes Me Smile Giveaway!

Are you looking for some AMAZING products from AMAZING teacher authors? I can help you with that! Laura at Differentiation Station Creations is hosting a fabulous spring giveaway! What is so great about it is that she has an awesome blog post which features a freebie from each of the authors who has donated a product to the giveaway!

So head on over to Laura's blog at Differentiation Station Creations to grab some great freebies!


Be sure to enter to WIN all the AMAZING products in the pic above! Good luck! The giveaway starts March 10th!
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March 2, 2014

Hello March!

Well hello March 2014, you got here quickly and you are packing a punch! Expecting 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow, just in time for the morning commute!  Hurry up spring!

How is your planning for March going? I linked up with Dr. Clements' Kindergarten to bring you links to great March products for K-1. So head on over by clicking on her tab below and take a look around. I hope you find some great ideas!