June 3, 2016

June - Pinterest Pick 3

Welcome to the best monthly link up around! Here are three pins that have inspired me for the month of June.

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Check out this adorable little guys! How cute are they? Perfect for an end of year party, a unit on the ocean, or for just plain F-U-N! Healthy too? Can’t beat that! The eye is just too much! It is just a sharpie dot!

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I have become OBSESSED with these little boxes! My girls' birthday is in June and I know they would LOVE these so much! The directions are not that hard, just time consuming. Too pretty to eat though! Haha, they would gobble them up. Maybe not. They might want to put other things inside! 

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This last pin is actual from my own blog post. It is a gift for children to make for their Dads for the big day. I actually have discovered a much easier way to make these so check out the post for the crazy hot time saving tip!

Click below to check out other great pins for the month of June! See you July!

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