December 29, 2013

New Rhyme Pack

I know I should be taking it easy during this wonderful vacation that we have! But of course I can not rest! I just finished and uploaded a new RHYME PACK to my TpT store! It meets CCSS for kindergarten as rhyming is standard RF.K.2a.  The pack has students identify pictures and then decide if the name of the picture rhymes with the word family sound in the center of the page. It requires no reading and really works on vocabulary. Can the student identify each picture correctly? I've included an answer key for each of the 10 rhyming word families included in the pack.

I had my daughter, Emma (who is in 1st grade and LOVES to help me with my work) test out one of the pages! She was very excited! I loved how she pointed to each picture and named it successfully and then said the name and the word family rhyme to compare them - "mug - ug" "watch-ug".

Emma loved the activity. She thought the pictures were "cute" and could not wait to color the girl in the center! She felt great about herself when she was done! I am going to use these with my firstie as a morning warm up to practice vocabulary and rhyming skills. Here she is below with her finished work!

Emma wants to give you the page she worked on! To get your FREE sample page like Emma's, click on the picture below to download it in google docs!

Thank you to Educasong for the AMAZING clipart!

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