December 6, 2013


Check out this great product from Teacher Tam's First Grade Cut and Glue Workbook. All 21 Common Core Standards are addressed. It is the perfect addition to any math program. Currently, we are working on standard 1.AO.6 (Add and Subtract within 20). I thumbed through my workbook from Teacher Tam and pulled out the pages I needed to supplement this specific standard.

My students completed the page below as a do now first thing in the morning.

Page is differentiated! Those that needed it, counted the dots to arrive at an answer. Others solved mentally or visually.

This is a great resource! My kiddos felt awesome upon completing this assignment! You can get this great pack as part of the Year Round Resources for Teachers over at Educents. Over $100 and 900 pages of great products all for $30 with 10% off! Click on the link below to check it out!

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