December 1, 2015

I Teach First Linky Party

Welcome! I have teamed up with a great group of first grade teachers to bring you the first I TEACH FIRST link party! Each month, we will bring you super ideas, tips, and resources for your classroom! 

I made a sock snowman with my sweet little girl in first grade. I took a half day and rushed to her school to be a part of this great craft that teacher had the class do together with a special person. That was 2 years ago and I always told myself that I would make it with my class “ one day”. We still have the sock snowman we made and he is part of our holiday decorations each year. I FINALLY found the time and the resources to do! I have seen them before online but haven’t seen directions or a “how to”. I hope the 5 steps below are easy enough to inspire you to make this sock snowman with your class. It is a great parent/child activity for the holiday season :) 

Do you see the spider web bag of white stuff? I grabbed a ton of them after Halloween for just 19 cents. They work just as well as the poly-fil so if you have bags hanging around...

Here is breakdown of the cost for the project:

Socks - Walmart - Pack of 10 = $7.97
Rice - 5 lb bag - Walmart - $1.97 x 2 = $3.94
Poly-Fil 1lb Bag - Walmart = $8.97


I did not add in the price of the felt because you may already have some. You can use an old shirt or other material for the scarf. I’m also sure you have goggly eyes, buttons, pompoms and other cute stuff in a plastic bin in your classroom. Use what you have. I’m sure you have it!
Oh, and Elmer’s glue in the bottle works just fine to get everything to stick!

Be sure to check out other great ideas and tips from the great first grade I Teach bloggers below!

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  1. Very cute! I'm inspired to invite the "elves" (AKA parents) into the classroom to make these.

  2. This is such a cute idea. It's so clever the way the sock is folded over to make a hat. My students would love to make these. Thank you for the great ideas.
    First Grade Schoolhouse