October 26, 2015

Introducing the New Purple Power Sharpener!

Hello friends! I have exciting news for you! The absolute best sharpener in the world is now available in a new and awesome color - PURPLE!!!! Yes! Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpeners asked for you to vote on which color you wanted to see made into a sharpener and PURPLE won! This new color - POPULAR PURPLE - is available today, October 26th!

I love this company! Why? Because this pencil sharpener was designed by a teacher. They donate $ from each sale to help build a school in a developing country. All orders receive free shipping. Need I say more? This sharpener will make your mouth water!

I know I said this is the best pencil sharpener and I will stand by that! Here are the top 3 reasons why I love this sharpener!

And when I say novelty, I really mean cheap pencils. The birthday pencils, the ones from dollar tree, the ones with the plastic shrink wrap of dinosaurs or hearts. The ones that NEVER sharpen, ever! Well dig them out, because they will achieve greatest and you will be amazed!

And, when I say the colors....check out the deliciousness below!

Below are the four steps you need to implement in order to get the hang of using this sharpener. You just don’t stick the pencil in and turn the handle. There is an art to it! Check out the steps below! Once you do it one time - you will get it down and won’t forget!

Click on the image below to head of to 
to check out the newest color, purple!

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