May 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday with The Teaching Tribune!

I have to let everyone know about my newest indulgence! I splurged on a pair of Tieks! I did! I did! I treated myself to an additional Mother's Day present! I am here to let you know about my amazing purchase!  I have about 6 different pairs of black flats that I have picked up here and there. My latest faves are from Payless so I am not one to spend a significant amount of money on my shoes. 

Let me first start out by saying that before blogging, I had never heard of Tieks. I did not see them on Oprah's favorite things. I have however, read wonderful things about them from teachers across the U.S. who are thanking their Tieks after a long day on their feet. I am so glad that I took the plunge and got myself a pair!

So, first things first. Your Tieks will arrive in BEAUTIFUL box! The great thing about these shoes is that they fold into themselves making it easy to carry them with you or pack them to travel with.

Look how cute the box is with a HAND WRITTEN card! How nice is that?!?! Below is a closeup of how the shoes fold and fit into the box.

I wear a size 10 ever since I gave birth to my beautiful trio! I do not have dainty, tiny feet. In fact, my feet are big and like to be COMFORTABLE! When I took out my shoes, the smell of a rich and creamy leather tickled my nose. It reminded me of that "new car" smell when you are lucky enough to get a new car with leather seats! I LOVE THAT SMELL! I couldn't wait to have my feet encased in that love! I slid my naked foot into my new Tieks and was greeted by a friendly hug. That is what I need to call it. The shoe hugged my foot like an old friend! A caring, loving, friend! I wore them to work today and had not one problem! Not one bandaid in the back on the heal. Not one wish for my little puppies to escape the confines of their fashionable prison - not one! In fact, I couldn't stop looking at them and admiring them! I wish I had gotten one of their AMAZING colors though! I played it safe with black because I know I will wear them the most, but I would love to get a hot color to highlight an all black outfit! I know my students would love that as much as I would!

Here is a pic of my feet in my new Tieks! 

Here is a link to their website so you too can drool over the enticing kaleidoscope of colors offered by Tieks! I hope they fit your feet as well as they do mine :)

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