May 31, 2014

Diggin' Into Next Year - Classroom Organization

Welcome to the summer long blog series "Diggin Into Next Year" hosted by Laura at Where the Magic Happens. 

This weeks focus is ORGANIZATION! There are several things that I do every year in my classroom to assist with organization. The biggest has got to be assigning my students a number. I can't tell you how much this simple and quick task helps keep so many things in my classroom organized!

Here is a picture of how I post our names to a number in my classroom. My students and myself need this visual reminder. It does not take long for students to memorize their numbers! I have used this system with kindergarteners and they were able to handle it easily as well! This poster has been up since the first day of school, so it is starting to show some wear!

Here is the first way I use numbers in my classroom - for classroom jobs!

Simple and effective and really gets the students to remember which number they are!

Here is the second way! Super easy! With numbers instead of names on the ziploc bag, you can easily reuse them from year to year. It is also so much easier to count the numbers and put them in order to make sure you have all your materials as you know quickly which dry erase board you are missing!

Above are some additional ways using a number system in your classroom can make things more organized for both you and your students! My personal favorite is calling out numbers at a fire drill! So much easier and FASTER than calling out names - a much more efficient way to make sure everyone is safe!

Do you like this job chart?

It is free in my TpT store! Click on the picture to go on over and get it for the upcoming year!
I laminated it and used velcro for the circles so I have mine for next year!

I hope you find lots more wonderful organization ideas by visiting other bloggers participating in this fun and helpful blog post  :)

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  1. I started using the number system a few years ago, and I LOVE IT. You are so right, it really does make everything easier!

  2. I assign each of my students a number as well! We refer to them as their "Class Number" - and it really does make everything super easy! My favorite part? You can get a jump on organizing things for the upcoming school year even if you don't have a class list (which changes a ton anyway, right?)!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!