April 2, 2014

What Does The Bunny Say?

Hello friends! Do you remember the leprechaun bulletin board last month that asked "What Does the Leprechaun Say"? Well, I couldn't resist this month and used the same tag line for our April bulletin board! How cute is it? I love the big pom poms on the bow ties! I hope they last and don't get pulled off, I mean fall off! Check out how I made the bunnies below! So easy and of course the kiddos LOVED it!

I used 2 round circles made of oaktag for each bunny. Luckily, I was given the circles already cut from a sweet teacher friend. I was planning on using 2 paper plates (which also works great) until I remembered I had these! 
Ok, here is where my quirks can be seen! I had to make the eyes for all of the bunnies! I wanted them to be the same size. I know I know I know - let the kids do it - I know! Let's move on. What you WILL want to do is to put the black outline in the ears. It serves as border and assists with the next step.

I had the children use tissue paper for the inside of the ears. They ripped small pieces and placed them inside the pre drawn part of the ear. Lots of kiddies wanted to use pink because a bunny has pink on the inside of their ears. We used a glue stick to glue the tissue paper on. They put the glue all over the inside of the ear and then put the pieces down. If they did it the opposite way and put the tissue paper to the glue stick - mess city!

The kiddies used a black marker to add
the month (2 letter J's) and the whiskers (3 lines on each side of the nose). You wouldn't believe how a bag full of soft, beautifully colored pom poms in various sizes can make kids feel. We used a small pom pom for the nose and the kids actually thought of adding the largest one in the middle of the bow tie! We used bottle glue to attach and pressed down as hard as we could!

For the bow tie, I used my handy dandy circle cutter to make bright circles. Again, the kiddies used a glue stick to glue on the circles any which way they liked (yes, I actually let them)! LOL!

For the writing, we brainstormed and made a list of all the things a bunny would see. Of course the kids thought the bunny was the Easter bunny and I let them go with it. I encouraged them to also think of the bunny as a bunny out in a field on a spring day. All of the children however, wrote from the perspective 
of the Easter bunny. 

This cute activity inspired me to write an emergent reader "What Does the Bunny Say?" after I had such great feedback on my "What Does the Leprechaun Say?" emergent reader! It is perfect for the kinder classroom :) My kiddos read it to spark ideas for their writing. Please note that I have included 2 copies of the reader in this one product. There is the Easter version and spring version in order to meet the needs of teachers and students everywhere!

Check it out at my TpT store by clicking on the pic! 

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