April 25, 2014

Springing Into Science Blog Hop

Welcome to the SPRINGING INTO SCIENCE blog hop! I hope you have gathered tons of useful information and ideas to use in your classroom from the AMAZING teacher authors contributing to this hop!

Part of my first grade science curriculum is animals. It is a fun and much loved science topic because the children already know so much about animals! I just need to help them organize the information into three categories: habitats, coverings, movement (the three areas that are required by our curriculum).

Below are some book that I use in my classroom.

Along with an awesome video/song over on youtube about habitats!

I desperately needed activities to help supplement our unit. I needed activities that could be completed independently in a center or for classwork. I also wanted my children to be able to have a non-fiction book that they could read themselves about each topic. So...out of necessity, I made the following 3 products:

Here is the Animal Coverings mini book. Of course my class loved coloring in the pictures after they read the book.

Here is the cut and paste activity for Animal Coverings. Children need to sort the animals into one of three columns (animals with skin/fur, feathers, scales). 

And here is the center activity with sorting cards and recording sheet.

Each pack is just $2. I also bundled them together for just $5/  As part of the blog hop, I am raffling off my bundled pack! Just enter below!

You could win all 3 (a $5 value).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Head on over to Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for more giveaways and freebies! Click on the pic below :)


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  1. Love the look of these. A great supplement to any animal studies unit :)

  2. What a great giveaway, Michele!

  3. OMG, I really want to win your giveaway! This will be great! My favorite science topic to teach is living/non-living. Thanks for the chance!


  4. I did a penguin unit this year for the first time and the kids absolutely loved it!

  5. I LOVE teaching about animals. This year's class especially loved Australian animals. Maria

  6. Awesome giveaway. Who wouldn't want to win this one!!! Anything to do with animals the kids just eat it up!


  7. Your products look great. I like teaching Life Cycles in science. Carol

  8. Animals. It is always a topic of interest for my students.

  9. I love to teach about animals! The kids enjoy watching them grow too.

  10. I love to teach lifecycles and plants :-)

  11. I love to teach about animals :)

  12. My two favourite Science units to teach are "Growth and Changes in Animals" and "Habitats and Communities." I loves me my animals!!! This bundle looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I would be so honoured to be the VERY LUCKY recipient of this gem <3. Thank you for considering me =). leafsgirl@rogers.com.

  13. Great giveaway!!! I love teaching insects!!!

  14. That video cracked me up! I am sure my kinders will love it! THANKS!