March 11, 2014

What Does the Leprechaun Say?

Take a look at this adorable bulletin board we made! Isn't it the cutest? We had so much fun making the leprechaun and writing from a leprechaun's point of view! Can you believe we started this yesterday and it is already up in the hallway today? We worked hard!

Here is a closer look at the writing. Many students knew a lot about leprechauns! They remembered that in kindergarten a leprechaun came into their classroom while they weren't there and messed up their classroom! Many children wrote about that! They had some great ideas!

Would you like to know how we made the cute leprechauns? They are not my original idea. They came from pinterest and are linked to this website

Here are my directions for them!

You need a paper plate. Have students paint just along the outside with orange paint. I used acrylic paint and they dried super fast!

After drawing the shape of the hat, my kiddos cut along the line, opened up their work, and poof a hat! The blue thing in the pic is my circle cutter. I got it at Michaels and it is perfect for cutting eyes! You can squeeze it with one hand! I used it to make the yellow eyes! I go around the room and punch out the eyes right on each child's desk! It is the best!

I precut cut the band for the hat as well as the buckle (which is just a black rectangle glued on top of a larger yellow rectangle). Children assembled the pieces and glued the hat onto the plate. We then cut along the outside of the plate with scissors to make the beard have fringe. It was fun to snip all the way around!

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How did I get the idea for my bulletin board? From my TpT product - What Did the Leprechaun Say? Emergent reader. You can check it out below!

Click here to link to TpT

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