March 28, 2014

Spring Has Sprung & Games are Fun! Blog Hop!

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by! Are you having fun springing forward with great game ideas?

My FAVORITE game and my students FAVORITE game year after year is KABOOM!  Have you heard of it? I can not take credit for inventing this great game! I found it while viewing great tips from Mr. Smith over at Are you familiar with Teacher Tipster? Mr. Smith is da bomb! He has tons of great ideas and puts them to fun videos. So while looking through his awesome material, I came across the game KABOOM! Here is Mr. Smith detailing the game. I am sure if you spend the time to watch it, you will be watching lots more of his videos!

So, I decided to update my DOUBLES KABOOM game and share it with you! Here's what you need to do in order to get this game up and running in your classroom.

1 - Find a container that your kiddos can reach into but not see into. I like the Clorax wipes container that Mr. Smith suggests.  Just take the paper off and the top off as well.

 2 - Add the cute KABOOM label that I have included in your FREE download! Wrap around container and tape into place.

 3 - Print out the cards that I included in the free download, You may want to laminate for durability.

4 - Put all the cards in to the container and gather some kiddos to play!

5 - Player pulls out 1 card and solves the problem on the card. If they get it wrong, they put it back. If they get it right they keep it!  If they get a KABOOM card, they have to put all their cards back! AHHHH!! Make sure to keep the KABOOM cards that are pulled out stayoff to the side or else the game will never end! 

5. When all the cards are gone, count each players cards up! Whoever has the most cards wins!

Easy peezy! So simple and so much fun! You can practice loads of skills. Please download my freebie to try out this great game in YOUR classroom!


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Hop on over to Primary Inspiration for another great game idea! Enjoy!

Primary Inspiration

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