July 29, 2017

Don’t miss these great finds at IKEA!

Hello sweet friends! Are you scoping out all the stores for new things for your classroom like me? Today I made a trip to IKEA with my beautiful triplets. They love the store! There is only one IKEA by me though, I know many people make long treks to the closest IKEA. With that in mind, my daughters helped me take pics of things that would be great for any classroom! So if you are planning a trip soon, keep the below items in mind!! (I am not affiliated in anyway with IKEA).

I have these and LOVE them! Yes they are cardboard and you have to put them together yourself but they are 25 cents as in 1 quarter EACH!! I have them numbered in my classroom and we store our large science workbook, our STEM packets, or anything else I don’t want my kiddos to lose in their desk! 

I have quite a few of these clip hangers at 99 cents each. I display my anchor charts on them and then hang them from my shades. I remember fun-tak-ing charts to my shades and having to scrape the blue goo off at the end of the year - so 2001. This is the way to go and this is the best price around!

Love these also! They are 4x6 picture frames that stand up. So many uses! Heres a few:
1 - center directions!
2 - inspirational quote holders!
3 - back to school direction holder for parents!
4 - take out the frame and use book clips to make a mini mini anchor chart holder for sight words!

My store only had white this year but I’ve seen them in different colors.

$4.99? Yup. I only saw white though.

Tiny for little ones. So cute! Flexible seating option?

I bet most kids would love this pod chair as a flexible seating option! It is small. My 10 year olds could barely fit. Don’t get excited. It is not the price shown (that is for the carpet underneath). It is $69.99. 

Here is the carpet. Perfect to take out at free time or fun Friday with a basket of cars and people for imaginative play! 

Just the right size for little ones! 

Have and love! Small containers to hold a variety of classroom dodads. 3 in a pack for 3.99

And I’ll take some of those green bins before they are sold out!

For the friends doing an amazing circus theme :)

I wanted this so bad! I could not carry it out of the store though with all my other stuff! You have to put it together but it is super cute, on wheels, and such a great price 24.99.

One last thing - that cool inflatable fabric die. It is big and feels squishy. It is 14.99 though - I thought that was a lot so I skipped it. Showing some restraint is good right?

Well there you have it - just a few things that IKEA has that teachers may want. I hope you have a store near you or can make a trip soon! 

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