April 7, 2016

Earth Day Bulletin Board and FREEBIE

Happy soon to be Earth Day everyone! My first graders have already completed their Earth Day bulletin board! I know, I know, it is not perfect because I had an odd number of students the day we made these and not enough bulletin board! The kiddos still love to find their work EVERY TIME they walk past it!

So, we wrote a letter to Earth and made a promise to do something that would help it. How did I get my littles brains thinking about this? We used the books below to trigger ideas. They did remember a lot of pieces of recycling from kindergarten. They did point out the orange recycle bin we have in our classroom for plastic and glass. They were on it! They had lots of ideas to share! I like the Scholastic books below. If you have to pick just one, use the one in the bottom left hand corner - Why Should I Recycle? 

Would you like to have your class make a promise to the Earth? Then go and grab this freebie! Please be kind and leave feedback :) I love to read it!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Thank you to the wonderfully talented Krista Wallden for the adorable clipart!

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