August 2, 2015

Back to School Giveaway!

Check out this amazing Back to School giveaway brought to you by the friends of I TEACH blogs! WoWzers! Does it look good to you? Do you want a chance to win an iPad 2, that cute case, a stylus pen, and an iTunes gift card to stock your new iPad with great apps?!?!?

Yes, you are yelling in excitement? Well then, head on over here to enter! Click the iTeach logo below for your chance to WIN WIN WIN!

We all LOVE iPads in our classroom! Have you heard of the EPIC app yet? Please don’t tell me you are still dragging out that tangled mess of headphones and putting a cassette tape into a tape recorder! No! This is 2015! The EPIC app can take the place of those tapes/cds and books!

Epic! Is FREE for educators! It offers thousands of books for students to read! The best part, there is a read aloud feature! Hip hip hooray! You can even track which books your students read and how far they go, all for FREE as a teacher!
If parents want the app for at home use, there is a fee for that.

On the top of my list when I return to school, is to upload this AMAZING FREE app to our iPads and log in as a teacher so I have INSTANT center that students will be sure to LOVE!

Best of luck to you on winning an iPad! Have a great start of the year!

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