May 1, 2015

TpT Northeastern Meet Up :)

I am so super excited to be attending this AMAZING meet up in my aluma mater town of Binghamton, NY this weekend! 60 awesome teacher-authors and bloggers are getting together to share our knowledge, thoughts, tips, tricks, and love of what we do! It is going to be an epic day! I will be sure to post pics and an update of the greatness that occurs!

But...for now, I must go down memory lane as I prepare to travel back to my college town after 20 years! 

I think about how I was a college student back in the day when there were no cell phones. No one had a computer in their dorm room. There really wasn’t the “internet” as we know it. I was a Literature and Rhetoric major and wrote all my papers on a Brother word processor! I found a picture of it! It used floppy disks! OMG! I am dating myself!

Oh, those were the days! I LOVED college! It was the best time of my life! Independence! Friendships! Ordering pizzas at 3am! Pulling all nighters! Going to class in my pajamas! Taking the bus to frat parties! Studying like crazy to do well! I did it all AND graduated CUMA SUM LAUDE! Thank you very much! I loved every single wonderful second of it! So I can’t wait to see how much my home away from home has changed. It will be surreal to drive through campus! 

Should I wear my Binghamton t-shirt that is falling apart after all this time but that I REFUSE to throw away as I believe it is my one last connection I have to my college years (well, that and all the pictures taken on my Kodak Klick)?

So, 2 great things to look forward to this weekend!
And, I have teamed up with my great friends to offer a $1 deal for the day of conference only! Check it out below! 

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