December 6, 2014

Holiday Bulletin Board

Happy holidays dear friends! Take a look at the bulletin board we made this week! My kiddos were so excited to make Olaf! They wanted to take them home the same day! They were sad when I collected them to put in the hallway but they love to look at them when we pass it on our way to lunch! 

I originally saw this pin on pinterest and fell in love! 
It is from Jenni at The Vintage Umbrella

I knew that I had to figure out to make these cuties! I really just followed the shapes that she made. I wish I had the awesome sticker eyes that she used! I just used a sharpie to make them. I precut all the pieces for my kiddos and had them follow my sample to assemble Olaf. Here is my sample...

But first, we read a book to get some ideas. We focused on the steps to build a snowman. This is the book that we read.

Afterwards, we recorded the steps to build a snowman during shared writing. The children enjoyed reading the steps out loud after we were finished.

And, drumroll, here is the finished product. So stinkin’ cute and the children are so proud of themselves!!

I hope you get inspired by the bulletin and want to make it with your class too! They will love it! 

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